Questex are working to prioritise our ESG initiatives across all events and business activities. We make conscious choices during our event planning processes to ensure our activities are sustainable and have positive societal impacts.  

One small part of this is our pledge to join the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative, for which we strive to: 

  • Achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 across all business operations 

  • Reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2023 in line with the Paris Agreement 

  • Collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers to drive change across the value chain 

  • Begin to measure and track Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions according to industry best practice 

  • Report on progress at least every two years 

In order to achieve this, and to further our positive societal implications, Questex and its partners are implementing the following steps in the delivery of IHIF 2022: 



This year’s conference theme is People, Planet, Profit. In our industry, everything is changing: the hospitality investment landscape, the way stakeholders do business, customer and staff expectations. And all the while, the focus on environmental and socially-conscious business practices is growing. This theme will be woven throughout ALL conference sessions.  


  • IHIF 2022 will include a dedicated ESG track covering the following topics: 

  • KPIs, frameworks and certifications to implement sustainable practices in hospitality for investors, operators and developers and their partners 

  • Sustainable hotel operations and how to make them profitable  

  • Green finance for hospitality investment  

  • Sustainability in design and construction 

  • Looking after people in hospitality: talent management, diversity and inclusion 

  • Technology for eco-centric hotels 

  • IHIF has launched the Sustainability Council to identify the key areas in which the hospitality real estate sector needs to address sustainability concerns, and to provide guidelines on how investors, developers, operators and all key stakeholders can commit to more sustainable practices.    

  • ISHC and Questex Hospitality + Travel have partnered to launch the Diversity & Inclusion Council to bring together industry experts from different key stakeholders to share expertise and help steer our industry on a path to equality for all guests and employees. 

  • IHIF 2022 will offer a number of wellness activities as part of the event programme, including morning yoga, a 5K run and meditation session 


  • Eliminate printed handout materials and replace with digital information via the IHIF Networking and Event Platform and it’s mobile app. Printed materials can be requested by participants on an individual basis and these will be printed on-demand and provided on EU ecolabeled paper 

  • Discourage the use of business cards by enabling exchange of details via QR code scanning using the mobile app 

  • >90% of onsite graphics produced by the IHIF team are reusable or recyclable  

  • Delegate lanyards are made from recycled PET and will be collected at the end of the event to be recycled once more. Name badges will also be collected and recycled following shredding.  

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to use reusable stand structures rather than bespoke builds 

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to utilise the IHIF Networking and Event Platform to share materials digitally to discourage use of printed materials 

  • All exhibitors are encouraged to dispose of their waste responsibly, reusing and recycling materials where possible 

  • One sponsor will be furnishing their stand with baby olive trees which will be given away to delegates at the end of the event 


Energy and Waste

The InterContinental Hotel actively works to control and reduce energy and water consumption in the following ways: 

  • All electricity is from 100% renewable energy (solar, wind and water energy) 

  • Use of large scale motion detectors, to reduce power consumption  

  • Lamps have been replaced with energy saving LED and low-energy light bulbs 

  • Environmentally-friendly production of electrical and thermal energy through the use of their combined heat and power plant 

  • Reduction in laundry volume by allowing guests to decide themselves when they want a towel or laundry changeover 

  • IHIF has appointed a waste monitor to work alongside The InterContinental Hotel’s appointed ‘recycler’ to guarantee all materials are reused or recycled where possible and disposed of correctly to ensure minimal waste 

  • The Pullman Hotel encourages guests to reuse their towels and linen when staying for multiple nights, rather than to launder on a daily basis. In return, Accor finances tree planting with half the laundry savings generated (water, energy, detergent) 


Food and Water

  • The InterContinental Hotel use seasonal and regional ingredients as a permanent part of their meal concepts and use selected ecological and biological products in their restaurants 

  • IHIF will offer increased plant-based menu options  

  • Reusable crockery, glasses, cups & cutlery will be utilised rather than disposable  

  • IHIF and its venues will eliminate of single use plastic across the event 

Travel and Transport

  • A heavily discounted digital pass is offered as an alternative means to participate in the event for those who do not wish to or are unable to travel 

  • Staff and delegates are encouraged to travel by public transport where possible 

  • Local labour is used where possible to avoid unnecessary travel and support the local economy 

  • Delegates are encouraged to walk between co-located events and social events with umbrellas provided in case of inclement weather. Umbrellas to be stored for reuse in subsequent years