Be Safe

Together we can create a safe space where business can flourish.

Your health and safety—and ours—are important! With 100+ in-person events globally, Questex is monitoring data daily by country, state, local government and venue, and incorporating Berlin Senate Department for Health and WHO guidelines on vaccines, testing and protocols to achieve the best safety results.

We are sharing our safety plans with you below. A highly detailed plan will be reviewed and approved by local authorities before the event. We will continue to monitor the best ways to stay safe which may result in adjustments to this plan.

Getting you back to business…safely. It happens here. 

Room for Big Ideas

Room For Big Ideas

In accordance with government guidance and local mandates, our events will follow new standards for health and safety. This is conscientious event planning that provides room for you to think big. 

Current regulations state that all event attendees must be fully vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19.

We will be implementing a reduced-contact policy.  

Directional signage will keep traffic flowing smoothly to avoid congestion or areas that could lead to close contact.   

We’ll be monitoring the overall event capacity to avoid overcrowding. 

Plenary content will be streamed to overflow rooms for those not wishing to be seated in the plenary room. 

A Safe Space

A Safe Space

We care about clean. It’s one of the most critical and effective ways to keep you and your fellow attendees safe throughout the event. We appreciate your cooperation! 

IHIF will be adhering to IHG’s clean promise 

We all need to do our part to keep our community safe. Plan to:  

  • Wear a medical face mask other than when consuming food or drink 
  • Wash hands frequently and maintain personal hygiene  
  • Do not attend if you are not feeling well 

Multiple hand sanitiser stations will be distributed throughout the hotels, and disinfectant wipes and sprays will be provided in addition to signage to encourage regular hand-washing 

Enhanced and visible cleaners will be onsite throughout the event to clean public areas, registration areas, exhibition stands, session rooms, meeting areas, restrooms, catering stations and all high-touch areas etc. 

We will be working closely with all suppliers to ensure they are adhering to COVID-19 health and safety policies, e.g. audio-visual company to provide extra  microphones, with all equipment being sanitised after each use 

We are encouraging the use of digital materials in place of physical promotional/informational materials 

Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

Questex is being hyper-vigilant when it comes to safety. We’re monitoring data daily by region and venue and incorporating Berlin Senate Department for Health and WHO guidelines to ensure we have the right resources and processes in place. 

Rowan Scahill is the IHIF's Rapid Response Team leader and is supported by on-site staff and partners.  

We will follow approved health authority guidance on screening participants at the time of the event, 

We have aligned with local departments on processes for best safety protocols and are prepared to act quickly if an individual is feeling sick or showing symptoms of illness.  

Medical personnel will be available on-site to provide medical assistance. 

A certified health and safety consultant will be employed to offer advice on detailed health & safety procedures, risk assessments, response plans & to monitor all suppliers & exhibitors to ensure a complete COVID-19 compliant event. 

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

Whether it be through our show website, mobile app, email or on-site signage, we will be providing the essential information to keep you in the know. 

We have an extensive new pre-event communication plan to ensure our delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and suppliers feel confident in our COVID-19 health and safety producers, as well as their onsite practices. 

Safety reminders and any updated information from local health officials will be provided daily.  

Welcome packs will be delivered electronically to attendees before they arrive on site, explaining the specific health and safety precautions being implemented at the event. Onsite, event signage will be set up to help remind all delegates of health and safety measures, restriction guidelines & hygiene measures.